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No one likes to hear that they need a tooth pulled, but it doesn’t have to be the intimidating process you might be picturing in your mind. At Aesthetic Dentistry & Implant Center in Corinth, Texas, Harry Ashitey, DDS, offers patients a relaxed, quick, effective tooth extraction. If you need a tooth pulled and want to have the best care possible during and after the process, call the office or book your visit online.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

Your adult teeth are supposed to serve you for life — but that isn’t always the case. In some instances, removing a specific tooth may be the best thing for your oral health and your smile. Some of the most common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • A damaged tooth, either from decay or an injury
  • A tooth with a severe infection that could spread
  • A crowded mouth (i.e., too many teeth for your arch)
  • Periodontal disease 

What should I expect during my tooth extraction?

Dr. Ashitey is committed to using the latest technology to make extractions as fast and comfortable as possible for his patients. There are a couple of different types of tooth extractions and the process is different for each:

Simple extraction

If your tooth is visible in your mouth, removing it is fairly straightforward. Dr. Ashitey uses a dental device called an elevator to loosen the tooth, then extracts it from your gums. 

Surgical extraction

If your tooth hasn’t yet broken through your gums, the process for extracting it is a bit more involved. In this case, Dr. Ashitey needs to make a small incision in your gums to access the tooth so he can remove it. He uses a WaterLase® laser for precision during the process, which minimizes the trauma to your gums. This helps you heal faster and with less discomfort. 

Surgical extractions are most common in the case of wisdom teeth. These additional molars would often crowd your teeth, pushing them out of alignment, if allowed to break through your gums. Many people have their wisdom teeth surgically extracted during late adolescence or early adulthood. 

Will a tooth extraction hurt?

You might feel some pressure during your tooth extraction, but the procedure should be painless. Dr. Ashitey uses sedatives and/or anesthetics to ensure your comfort. If you feel even a small pinch of pain during the procedure, let him know so he can properly numb the area so you can relax during your tooth extraction. 

You will feel some tenderness in the area as it heals. Most patients find that taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like Advil) for a few days after their procedure is sufficient to manage any discomfort. Dr. Ashitey will ensure you know what to do to care for the area as it heals. 

If you need a tooth pulled and want to find a dentist committed to your comfort during the process, call Aesthetic Dentistry & Implant Center or schedule your appointment online.